CD review

abodox.jpg The abodox, new knife of the berserker
The Abodox is a somewhat expiremental art-metal band out of Seattle, WA. They create a myriad tapestry of sound with guitar, bass, drum, and anger. They have growls rather than lyrics, sudden starts and stops, and fast-as-all-hell guitars. They also feature a variety of different instruments by having different musicians sit in with them. Such instruments include saxophon, violin, R.A.D., melodica, trumpet, trombone... even a dolphin scream. They seem to concentrate more on making good music than coming up with trite, stereotypical lyrics.  The music is impossibly fast and chaotic, following no clear patterns. Each song has some sort of wierd name, like "Malnourished Labida," "Enter the Homosapien," "Cock of Dan," and a set, "The Muff is Dead," "The Muff is Back," and "'Da Muff Izzow Bizzow, Now Focus." Why their songs are so named I don't have a clue- i'ts not like any of them have lyrics, they're just these guys rocking out like crazy, coming up with an artform all their own. Maybe they're all inside jokes, or maybe they just like to come up with funny names for their songs.

-Grady Smith, Editor