DFW METAL SHOWCASE @ Tomcats Deep Ellum- Friday, February 25

w/ Affliction, Hope Has Failed Us, Perfect Hate, Theatre of Green, Solareye, Blood Stain Carpet, X Nihilo, and Smile For Society

aff   hope  
AFFLICTION combine industrial and metal to rock out.
HOPE HAS FAILED US: mad props to these guys- they kicked ass!
One of the guys from  HOPE even fell off of one of the speakers and busted his nose open!" Hope Has Failed Us is no-holds-barred, extreme death metal!THEATRE OF GREEN: though i did not get to see much of their show, having seen them plenty of times before, I can tell you they kick ass!
tog         perfect  
 PERFECT HATE are goth-metal that's not too goth and not too metal, meeting somewhere in the middle to create a sound wholly unique to them. SOLAREYE debuted new frontman Kayne, who, though nervous, got really into the music emotionally, had good stage presence, and had an outstanding debut. Though the music is a little dreary for me, and I think it could be faster, it is still plenty hard. Having never seen them before, I can't really judge the past and present incarnations of the bands against one another, but I have a strong feeling that these guys are better than ever! Look out for them- they're the next big thing in Deep Ellum!                 

I spent most of the day in the front room, so I can't tell you much about the bands that played the back. What I did see impressed me, but I'm a pretty easy-to-please guy when it comes to music- I love it all! bscBLOOD STAIN CARPET: Did not get to see much of their set, but what I did see impressed me. Not too hard, but not too soft- straight-ahead traditional metal.
xilo                                      smile
X NIHILO                                                                                                 SMILE FOR SOCIETY       
-Grady Smith, Ftworthmusic.com Editor