Destroyer-KISS Tribute Band
Firewater Bar & Grill
Dallas, Texas

"You wanted the best! You got the best!" That saying always comes to mind when I think of KISS and Destroyer fits the bill! The show was magnificent! The weather was perfect for an outside show and boy did the guys put one on! Gene was spittin' fire and blood, the fog machine was runnin, and the lights were spinnin! These guys have come so far from the first time I saw them at City Streets in Fort Worth for Battle of the Bands.
Bob (Ace) is the consummate guitar god , Christopher (Paul) nails Paul Stanley to a 'T', Steve (Gene) well what's to say about him?! Gene's my favorite!, and then of course last but certainly not least was Scott (Peter) on drums who has only had five performances with the band and did an awesome "Beth". They played Lick It Up, I Was Made For Lovin You, Detroit Rock City, Christine, Rock N Roll All Night, and many others. Congrats you guys on successfully pulling off one of the best Tribute bands I've ever seen!

Neon Blonde
staff writer